Twins Club Plus is Changing…

Exciting news!

We have listened to feedback from mums and are looking to make our twins club as accessible as possible for everyone.  To that end, the way we run our weekly playgroup is changing.

From Monday 13th October we will be running the group differently in order to allow the toddlers to do more age-appropriate activities, the parents of small babies to have the chance to chill out and chat in a calm and quiet environment and for all parents to still have the opportunity to talk to each other regardless of their children’s ages.

We will be running a TODDLER playgroup from 10-12.  The format will be very similar as it has always been with free-play, snack and singing, but we will also be joined by a volunteer, Oscar, who will be providing a range of craft activities for the children to enjoy.

We will be running a BABY playgroup from 11-1.  This area will still be “fenced off” from the toddlers as previously, but from 12-1 the toddlers will go home, meaning there will be a calmer and quieter environment for the babies and parents will not need to feel pressured to rush a baby’s feed in order to leave by 12.

These playgroups obviously overlap by 1 hour, allowing for parents of older children to offer support and friendship to those with newer babies.

The idea is to make the playgroup more accessible, not less, so of course flexibility is allowed – particularly for those with toddler twins and a baby or vice versa.

We really look forward to seeing you on Monday and really hope that you and your children enjoy the new arrangements.